Frequently Asked Questions


What to do when I cannot log in to the webshop?

Please kindly send us an email to

What shall I do when I get an error message (missing shipping date, stock shortage, payment method etc)?

If you receive any error messages, please call our customer service or send a screenshot to

How much is shipping fee?

For orders under 25000HUF, it is 1190 HUF net. Orders over 25000HUF shippment is free.

What is a carton-opening extra fee?

In case you do not buy a full carton of wallpaper or dc fix, we charge you 20% of the price for opening the carton box.

What are the payment terms?

Already exisiting partners pay as set in their contract. New partners pay the first 3 shipment in advance or cash on delivery.

How long is delivery?

Orders placed before 9am are delivered the next working day. Orders placed after 9am are delivered in 2 working days unless otherwise specified. 

How can I note my quality complaint (color deviation, thread defect, different quantity)

Please fill in our compaints form to be found in our Business Manual and send the form to

How can I change my password?

When signing in, please click on "forgotten password" and type in your registered email address. An automatic link will be sent to the email address to facilitate the password reset. (It may take a few minutes to generate the email)